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24th-Aug-2020 06:09 pm - friends only

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11th-Aug-2013 05:06 pm - oh hey
Zhou Mi
soooo hi guys. i don't know how many of you use livejournal anymore but i just wanted to pop in since i've been using it lately for me to post fics and i've just kind of gotten back into and such.

i don't really plan on posting, but if any of you guys are still here, i have new contact information and some of you were the best of friends to me so i just wanted to post in case anyone wanted to still talk to me or remembered me at all.

so yes, the best ways to contact me would be tumblr or twitter or my facebook which has already been posted.

i hope all of you are doing well.
8th-Jul-2011 10:35 pm - 42★ Goodbye?
So, it's been a month since I've come back and I haven't really been active at all. I've tried to be more active, but the more I've done, the more I've realized that livejournal just isn't the site for me. I'm no longer the person I was when I made this account. I don't write like I used to. I don't obsess over kpop like I used to. I love all of the great friends I have here, but I really just don't feel like I fit here anymore. I really love you all and I really hope that some of you will talk to me through other means, but I just don't belong here anymore.

If you still want to talk to me, here are all the places and sites you can talk to me on.

+ Facebook
+ Tumblr
+ Twitter
+ TDA | My Gallery
+ MSN: daryljoonlee@live.com
+ AIM: sophomoricc

I love you guys so much, and so I am really sorry. I hope I will see you around. If not, I will miss you so much.
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